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How do I challenge the State test ?
Where do I find the application

The state test can be taken by anyone once you pay your fees. There is no formal training needed in NC to challenge the Exam.  The exam is the same for everyone despite program attended or school. You may challenge the State eam but you are only allowed 3 attempts to successfully pass both parts of the test. Failure to pass following the third attempt , results in having to attend a State approved CNA training program.


Genesis takes the guess work and searching out of the process for you. Below you will find the link to the application to submit application, complete and pay Fee and you are ready




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What should I expect from test ?
Where do I take the Exam ?

You will take the written exam and then the skills portion of exam. During the skills portion you will be given 5 skils to complete, while being observed by your evaluator. You must pass all 5 skills to pass test. There is no grade , only pass or fail  one mistake and you fail. No worries Genesis is here for you , we will give you hands on instruction and skills you need to succeed.

There are many testing locations around the State, you apply for the exam online and select your testing location then.

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   How do I get started once I complete the class
Do you assist with placment once certified?

We make the process easy for you , below you will find the instructions to start.



We do not place help or guarantee placement of our students. However we do post job postings from local employers to aide in your  Genesis.